Free workshop on Intelligent multilingual and context-aware eGovernment Citizen Interaction

Intelligent multilingual and context-aware eGovernment Citizen Interaction

Is « Smart city » and intelligent, multilingual interaction with your citizens and businesses your ambition?

Thanks to the European CEFAT4Cties project, we are now able to present to you the FIWARE curated platform, a free open-data solution which you can use in your smart city initiatives to accelerate your projects in an effective manner.

We will be happy to show you in a free 90 minutes online session how a municipality like yours can make use of the possibilities of open data sources and free framework solutions to improve smart interaction with your citizens in a multilingual way.


Register your interest for our online focus meetings and trainings and we will contact you to organize customized meetings and make sure we allow for sufficient interaction between the participating cities and regions

Advanced Focus Meetings

Target audience: Smart City project teams seeking to understand possibilities and free open source solution frameworks available, as well as learning from real-life use cases. 


During this session we will present use cases, project setup, technology and lessons learnt from the projects organized with the Vienna Business Agency (a chatbot to improve finding funding opportunities) and the Brussels Chamber of Commerce (BECI) (a chatbot to help set up businesses in Belgium). The session will be followed by an interactive discussion and Q&A where you can interact with peers and solicit advice from the participating cities and agencies. 

Covered topics:

  • Vienna Business Agency and Brussels Chamber of Commerce use case presentation
  • Discussion of approach taken, lessons learned and example solution
  • Discussion of existing free and open technology platforms
  • Questions & Answers / Open Discussion


CEFAT4Cities project representatives with representatives of the Vienna Business Agency and Brussels Chamber of Commerce. 

Training Focus Meetings

Target audience: Smart City project management and implementation teams seeking better understanding of data and language challenges.

The training sessions are split into two tracks whereby it is suggested that all participants attend session 1 and session 2 will be the opportunity for a technical deep dive. 

The sessions are:

  1. Introductory and non-technical track
    1. Introduction to Smart Cities
    1. The (multi-)lingual opportunity and “problem”
    1. Example applications and uses cases
    1. The CEFAT4CITIES action and uses cases
      1. What is a Chatbot? What makes it “smart”?
      1. Approach
      1. Opportunities
      1. Challenges
      1. Lessons Learnt
    1. Summary, Questions and Answers
  2. Technical Track
    1. The content will be tailored to participants requirements 

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