About Cefat4Cities

The main objective of the CEFAT4Cities Action is to develop a “Smart cities natural language context”, providing multilingual interoperability of the Context Broker DSI and making public “smart city” services multilingual, with pilots in Vienna and Brussels. The language resources that will be created will be committed to the ELRC repository and the following languages will be developed: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Slovenian, Croatian and Norwegian.

The main results from the Action will be:

  1. A quality-assured workflow for the multilingual extraction and aggregation of ontologies, vocabularies and question-answer pairs, to transform public services websites into semantically enriched ISA2 and OSLO2 compliant services;
  2. A curated repository of aggregated and mapped/translated ontologies that allow algorithms to reason on smart city natural language data;
  3. A dynamic multilingual repository of questions and answers that can be used to develop multilingual applications such as chatbots and wizards;
  4. A semantic interoperability layer for Smart Cities, allowing the Context Broker DSI to integrate with natural language data services, and enabling the development of intelligent eGovernment applications on top of existing public services catalogues.

CEFAT4Cities will distribute modules as open source software and demonstrate the effectiveness of its solution by developing three use cases:

  1. CEFAT4Cities will be integrated into the Context Broker DSI as a general natural language processing layer;
  2. The Vienna Business Agency will be able to make its public services discoverable in multiple languages;
  3. The Brussels Chamber of Commerce will create a multilingual wizard for starting a new business in Brussels and showcase how ontologies and QA-pairs contribute to bringing local public services to a European scale.